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Scalable Cloud Communications Solutions for Every Business

Whether you operate a small business or a large enterprise, you can count on Start2Star to deliver the world’s most complete cloud-based unified communications solutions. We unify customers voice, video,  mobile and fax into one easy-to-use and reliable system to improve employees’ productivity and collaboration, while reducing costs.

Voice Feature

Unique voice features for improved collaboration and productivity. Star2Star’s award-winning unified communications technology employs our unique Hybrid Architecture™ that overcomes the reliability and quality limitations of other Internet communications technologies.

Pooling and Bursting Lines

Pooling Lines
Star2Star phone “lines” are actually virtual connections created over a broadband Internet connection. All of the lines that your company purchases are in a single “pool” of lines that can be used at any location interchangeably. This allows you to share lines across all locations, and therefore cut the total number of lines you need. For example, if a 10-location retail chain needs at least two lines at every location but no more than 5 lines are ever in use company-wide at the same time, that chain could purchase a single bundle of 5 pooled lines instead of 20 location-dependent lines. The cost-saving implications can be incredible. Some large chains have saved millions in communications costs as a result of line pooling.

Bursting Lines
If all of your company’s lines are currently in use, but you get another call, Star2Star will automatically add an additional line on the fly. These dynamically bursting lines will prevent customers from receiving busy signals, improving customer satisfaction and speeding up business processes. Star2Star charges minimal rates for bursting lines, and these charges won’t accrue to you if you decide to purchase additional lines. Bursting lines are an excellent solution for businesses whose call volume is generally very steady but with major spikes in activity, for example a costume shop in October.

Mobile Applications

Improve Communications While Reducing Cost.StarPhone™ for iPhone and StarPhone™ for Android combine a full IP telephone application with advanced presence and voicemail tools.StarPhone™ for iPhone and StarPhone™ for Android make it easy for users to place and receive calls using your company’s Star2Star Hybrid Cloud Communications Solution.


Star2Star’s Conferencing solutions allow employees to attend meetings without leaving their desks or remote locations. Easy Conference Calling for More Productive On-the-Fly Meetings. If you have employees and clients in multiple locations, Standard Voice Conferencing is the way to connect them without incurring travel costs. Flexible on-the-fly conference calling makes meetings a thing of the past. Employees can attend meetings without leaving their desks, and mobile and work-at-home users can join in, too.

CRM Integration

Fully utilize data to provide faster, more personalized service to your customers with StarContact. Looking to create a distinct competitive advantage for your business? Don’t simply build a customer database—fully utilize it to provide better, faster, and more personalized service to your customers. StarContact from Star2Star is a CRM integration technology solution that allows companies of all sizes to interact with customers more effectively. StarContact integrates your company’s customer database with your Star2Star communications system. This powerful CRM integration allows you to organize, track, and manage all of your customer information, activities, and conversations

Call Recording

Save calls for later use with Star2Star’s call recording options. Call recording is an important tool for many businesses. Recorded calls can be used to meet regulatory requirements, verify accuracy, maintain quality customer service, and to provide guidance and training for employees. Star2Star provides multiple call recording methods, covering a variety of usage scenarios.

Disaster Avoidance & Recovery

In a disaster situation, you could lose business for days or weeks without a reliable phone connection. With Star2Star’s StarRecovery system, you’ll never have to worry again, no matter what happens. One of Star2Star’s many business communications solutions, StarRecovery is an innovative disaster recovery system that allows your business to maintain telephone service despite power, telephone, and Internet outages, or even destruction of your facilities.

Fax: StarFax™ Classic, StarFax™ Personal, & StarFax™ Mobile

Fax with or without a traditional fax machine. With StarFax™ Personal and StarFax™ Classic, you can enhance your business fax capabilities, whether you want to go machine-less or use your existing fax machine.

Instant Messaging

With Star2Star’s StarChat unified messaging application, users can easily participate in a one-on-one or multi-party text chat. Group conversations make it simple to contact people you need to chat with often and have written conversations in real time. Because all of your chats are stored in a searchable archive stored in the cloud, you always have access to them.

Presence Management: StarScope™ 2

Your telephone and computer are equally important business tools. StarScope™ 2 leverages the power of the desktop computer to improve workflow, communications, and presence management by making your phone system more accessible and intelligent.
StarScope™ 2 from Star2Star Communications is a next-generation unified communications tool that allows users to monitor and control all of their communications from a single intuitive interface. It combines several key functions in one package

Managed Network Services: StarBand

To provide our customers with a one-stop shop for all of their business technology needs, Star2Star is now offering StarBand. StarBand is the total package in managed services, Internet access, and improved data security. When combined with other Star2Star services, StarBand allows users to get voice, fax, video, chat, data, presence management, managed services, and Internet access all from a single provider on a single bill. Built on the Star2Star Constellation Network, StarBand protects customers with end-to-end system monitoring, dedicated 24/7/365 customer care, and around-the-clock (network operations center) NOC support.

StarBox® Cloud Connection Manager Family

We designed and built our system and services to work together, and the result is a revolutionary set of features with unmatched quality and reliability. Most hosted solutions have on-premise hardware, just as Star2Star does. The difference between Star2Star’s StarBox® Cloud Connection Manager and the competitors’ hardware is what’s inside. Our StarBox® Cloud Connection Manager takes the place of a typical edge device, while also providing numerous additional features like built-in quality-of-service and call control.

VideoConferencing: StarVideo

StarVideo connects employees face-to-face at the touch of a button, without incurring travel costs. If you have employees in multiple locations, StarVideo is the way to connect them face-to-face without incurring travel costs. StarVideo is our easy-to-use video conferencing solution that creates more productive meetings at the touch of a button.


StarReporter is a package of 14 enhanced call detail record reports for Star2Star Cloud Connection Manager 2.0. These reports provide valuable, digestible business analytics to Star2Star customers. StarReporter is our stand alone call reporting application that contains non-StarCenter Call Detail Record data drawn from the StarBox® Cloud Connection Manager and Constellation Network.
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